Urban Mobility Insurances

What kind of scooters can be insured?

You can insure all type A and B scooters according to the DGT, in other words, all those with speed not exceeding 30 km/h and weighing less than 50 kg. You can also insure type C scooters, if they do not exceed 40 km/h, do not weigh more than 50 kg and do not have a battery of more than 2000 w.

Is civil responsibility insurance for scooters compulsory?

The compulsory nature of the civil responsibility insurance for scooters is set out in the legislation of each municipality. Although the DGT does not require it to be taken out at the moment, it recommends it for all users. Municipalities such as Alicante, Benidorm or Majadahonda require this policy to be taken out for driving on their streets. Remember that in the event of causing damage to third parties if you do not have a civil responsibility policy you will have to respond with your assets.

Does the civil responsibility insurance cover entire family?

All the insurances offered cover only the policyholder (insured person). Except for the Family proposal, which in a single policy covers the whole family unit: parents or legal guardians and children or guardians that live in the family home and whose age does not exceed 25 years, independently of the number of members and scooters.

Can the theft of scooters be insured?

At the moment no policy on the market covers the theft of the scooter since it is an element that, in the case of a personally owned one, is quite unprotected.

In case of bicycles, is the initial purchase value always covered?

Our insurance with damage and theft coverage will cover the original value of your bike for the first two years. After that, a depreciation of 10% per year is applied. The same applies to second-hand bicycles, the damage and theft cover will cover the purchase invoice value of the bicycle during the first two years, with an annual depreciation of 10% in the following years.

What kind of lock is required for cases of bicycle theft outside of the home, and how to prove that you had one?

To enjoy all insurance coverage including theft outside the home, it is necessary to be in possession of and use an approved padlock with at least level 3 resistance accredited by a certifying company (for example, but not limited to: SSL, ART, SSF, VDS, FG).

After the contract is signed, we will ask you to send us a picture of your lock next to your bike.

What kind of documents are needed to insure the bicycle?

Depending on the coverage of the insurance you contract, you may have to send us additional documentation after taking out your insurance. For example, photographs of your bicycle, your lock and your purchase invoice in the case of coverage of damage and theft. In other cases, such as accidents or civil responsibility, it will not be necessary to send any documentation.

Is there a maximum value for insuring the bicycle?

Yes, the maximum amount that can be insured for bicycles is no more than 6,000 euros. For bicycles of higher value you can contact us by mail for a personalized estimate.

Does travel assistance cover me only in Spain or abroad as well?

It depends on the insurance you take out, but in all cases it covers you in Spain, and even the whole of Europe in many others. You should consult the specific conditions of the assistance you are interested in.

Do you insure other types of personal mobility vehicles?

Yes, Weecover also insures Segways, Hoverboards, Fastwheels, Longboards, and even electric wheelchairs.

Do you insure electric bicycles?

Yes, we cover ebikes and provide the same insurance for them as for mechanical bikes.

Do you insure bicycles assembled by parts?

You can build your bike in parts and have it insured. We will only need you to provide, in case of purchasing the theft and damage coverage, the invoice for each part, and photographs of the bicycle already finished and assembled.

What does the bicycle theft insurance cover?

The theft coverage has a limit of 5,000.00 euros per claim and per year.

The insurer commits to compensate the insured person, up to the limit established in the policy for this coverage, for the theft and total subtraction or illegitimate possession of the insured property when these take place against the will of the insured person, by means of acts that imply force or violence in things, both to access or leave the place where she/he or the insured goods are found, or the insured person’s main and/or secondary residence, her/his garages, warehouses, lumber rooms or similar, or the tourist holiday home, as well as outside of these.

The robbery has a maximum value of 150 euros of coverage.