Travel with bnc10

Traveling with bnc10 is very easy and comfortable. Not to mention the money you save not getting charged currency exchange commissions. With bnc10 there are no financial borders.

At every step of your trip, bnc10 will be with you to make things easier for you and that way you enjoy it:

Advantages of travelling with bnc10

1. Top-up

• Deposit money instantly into your bnc10 account from your card so that you don’t run out of cash right when you find the perfect souvenir for your best friend. 

• You can also deposit money through transfers from any National and European entity.

2. Withdraws

• Withdraw cash at any ATM in the world for free up to 3 times a month. Having cash is always good

• You can withdraw cash as many times as you need, but it is important to know that if you exceed 3 monthly withdrawals you will be charged a corresponding ATM fee. 

3. Pay

• Pay your meals, souvenirs, and extras abroad without currency exchange fees.

• For the moment you can pay by card and also with your Android phone (read more here).

4. Control

• Don’t miss your transactions thanks to instant notifications and app statistics

• At every moment, wherever you are, you can know if you’ve spent more on beer or museums. 

The best travel mate?

bnc10, no doubt!