Travel with bnc10 in March – Discover Brazil 🌴


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Winner: Miguel Ángel Otero

The 10th has arrived! Our favorite day of the month. And like every 10th, we keep discovering together new places and curious facts about the world 🌍 in our new section #travelwithbnc10, with a surprise included! 💥

This March we virtually transport you to Brazil and we raffle € 60 so that you can start saving for your next adventure!

To participate, make a € 30 instant deposit from another card to your bnc10 account, only on Wednesday 10th of March from 09:00h to 23:59h. Terms and conditions.

And for the curious ones, we have collected the most surprising facts about Brazil that you probably didn’t know! Let’s start 🤩

🌴 Did you know that Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and owns about 1/3 of the tropical rainforests of the planet?

🌴 If you’re a coffee lover like us… odds are you drank Brazilian coffee this year! That’s because Brazil is the world’s largest producter and exporter of coffee, being responsible for about 30% of the total production.

🌴 This one is pretty unusual: Brazilian prisoners can reduce their sentence for each book that they read in prison. This interesting program establishes that for every 12 read books, 48 hours are subtracted from each year of a sentence.

🌴 The largest beach on the planet is located here: the impressive Praia do Cassino, with 240 km in length. Its dimensions are so large that it even crosses the border with Uruguay.

See you next 10th!