The ocean also needs us, with CRAM Foundation


*Finished campaign *

Aligned with our sustainable commitment and mission to support and spread the voice about projects with a social purpose, at bnc10 we launch a campaign in alliance with the CRAM Foundation in which, on March 23, 24 and 25, we will donate € 1 to support the project aimed to the rescue and recovery of marine animals that come to the Catalan coast from the Mediterranean sea.

During the campaign days, for all those purchases that our users make of an amount equal to or greater than € 30, we will allocate € 1 to support the cause of CRAM, and the last week of March we will deliver in full the final donation. From then on and evaluating the final collection we will be able to know the destination of the contribution.

What does the CRAM Foundation do?

the CRAM’s mission is to protect marine biodiversity through local actions.

Last Thursday, March 18, we talked to CRAM about their project in a live Instagram session that we broadcast, you can see it by clicking here: CRAM TALKS: el océano también nos necesita. (Spanish talk)

For more information please check the Terms and Conditions of the campaign.