A+Familias and bnc10, supporting together our families

March 2021

The A + Familias association has been working with families at risk of vulnerability for more than two years, the same ones that, after the Covid-19 crisis, have seen their situation of severe poverty accentuated in a shockingly short time.

At bnc10 we decided to launch an awareness campaign, #JuntxsContraElHambre, making visible and supporting the work of A + Familias thanks to the collection of instant donations through our app. The donations collected were redeem for food cards and an accompaniment service that the Foundation has continued to carry out tirelessly since its creation.

The campaign lasted for 3 days in which we spread the news on all our own channels, spreading the voice in magazines such as Barcelona Business or Tecno News , getting the involvement of users from all over Spain.