An account for two

Share money without comissions

The shared account is perfect for:

• Travel

• Sharing leisure expenses

• Direct payments to the card

and much more!

Share savings and common expenses without complications, conditions or commissions and manage the money through the mobile App or Webapp (computer).

Advantages of having a shared account

· It’s free! We don’t charge you commission or maintenance costs.

· Open it in just 3 clicks!

· Instant notifications and statistics available to both people. 

· Same access and permissions. 

· Income and withdrawals work in the same way as with a personal account (see information).

· Different payment methods: mobile (Google Pay & Apple Pay), transfers, Social Payments. 

· Access and account management from different devices: mobile and computer.

· No minimum term committment.

How to create a shared account?


· Both of you must have a personal account at bnc10.

· Use the same bnc10 app as for your personal account.


1. Access your personal account.

2. At the top, click on “Personal Account”. 

3. Select the “Create shared account” option.

Sharing doesn’t cost anything,