Prepaid MasterCard®

Have the control of all your transactions in real time and don’t miss a single euro. Manage everything through the app and in case of loss or theft… Freeze your card in 1 second!

Request your prepaid MasterCard® card for free, without shipping costs or maintenance costs. You will receive your card at the address you choose within 10-15 days, with no registration fee, maintenance or any commission. Shipping requires more time because the card is nominal. How does that benefit me?

What can I do with the card?

  •   • Control your money from just one app.
  •   • Pay anywhere in the world.
  •   • Withdraw cash at any ATM whenever and wherever you want (we will refund the commission up to 3 times a month).
  •   • Freeze your card if you need it (loss, theft, etc.).
  •  • Make instant payments to your friends with bnc10 account and free transfers.

What can I not do with the card?

  •   • Remove all the money from your account in cash. As we are a prepaid card and the ATM commission is taken into account, it will not allow you to withdraw your whole balance.
  •   • Deposit cash from an ATM to your bnc10 account.
  •   • Use your card at automatic gas stations, at tolls, bridges and parking fees, bets and online games.
  •   • You can never have a negative balance.