Payment methods of my bnc10 account

The prepaid physical card Mastercard

We offer you a totally free prepaid Mastercard to withdraw money at any ATM for free (up to three times a month).

As we know that security is the most important thing, the bnc10 Mastercard has a chip that guarantees security in operations. In addition, it does not have commissions or maintenance costs so there will be no costs associated with your card or your account.

You will also have the best currency exchange rate (Mastercard currency exchange rate) when withdrawing money at foreign ATMs without commissions or costs for the operation.

You can order your Mastercard from the “Request Card” section on your app.


Make instant payments without minimum amounts, without commissions and instantly with all your friends and contacts who also use bnc10. You can request, pay and split accounts quickly.

In case of needing to transfer money to a person who is not from bnc10, you can make a transfer with the IBAN number without costs, to any national and European finance entity.

Can I pay with my phone?

Currently, we don’t have the services that allow you to pay with your phone. But we plan to incorporate them in the very near future.

We will keep you updated!