Make a career at bnc10

We don’t want to be annoying promising you the earth so that you join bnc10. We know that your time is very valuable and that’s why we won’t beat around the bush: bnc10 is TOP!

Talking about finance is not cool, that is exactly why our team is young and daring. We like to find the funny side of it (yes, it does exist).

Why join the bnc10 team?

Always learning

To learn is a basic in bnc10. From each member of bnc10 you can learn many things (so do we from you):  from concepts and specialized tasks to recipes, sports, Italian with Robert, English with Will… and much more!

So that learning is a reality and does not remain in words , we do weekly trainings where each of us shares its professional experience in its field.

All together we become better.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Bye, bye suit

bnc10 is far from a traditional bank look: it’s not just in services (free account, 0 commissions, withdraw money from anywhere in the world…) but also in the way of working.

In bnc10 we don’t understand about suits nor uncomfortable outfits. What we value the most is personality, attitude and way of doing.

A humble, professional and nice team

We are flesh and blood people. We worry about doing our job properly but we worry even more about creating an enjoyable job atmosphere.  We spend a lot of hours together and we like to feel at home.

Fruit, drinks and coffee

We are healthy people (sometimes). There’s no other way than having fruits in the office, drinks and coffee so you can charge your batteries or take a break and talk about the weather.


We found out that sport it’s a part of everyone’s life here in bnc10. So, why not to share it? It’s the perfect excuse to meet and make our relationships stronger than they are.

And, even though we don’t wear a suit, we like to keep fit. But there’s a thing, the after beer is not missing.

Professional career and a future investment

We do not want to be one more job. We want to give you the chance to start your professional career path and become a future investment, even if you start as an assistant, an intern or as a CEO (don’t have to worry Albert).

If while reading these 6 bullet points you have been excited and have seen yourself eating fruit, talking about the weather or playing paddle tennis with us, what are you waiting for? Contact us, we want to meet you!

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