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Just as we don’t want you to overpay for the management of your money, we don’t want your insurance to be a ruin.

We have surrounded ourselves with insurance experts and, after tracking the market, we have selected the most affordable and covered smartphone and urban mobility insurance on the market to save you time and money.

1. Choose your insurance 
according to the characteristics of your device or vehicle

2. Hire it in 5 clicks
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3. Assess from your mobile
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4. Save money and time! 

Your lifestyle doesn’t need insurance like before

· Updated selection of the most appropriate insurance for your needs with more coverage and at the best price.

· 100% Digital, do it directly from your mobile.

· Take out insurance whenever you want, not just when you buy the device.

· Always at hand, hire and consult all your insurance information in a matter of clicks and from anywhere.

· Personalized attention, contact us whenever you need it.

Cover your back easily and at the most economical price on the market

Smartphone insurance
for less than €4 per month

Protect your device without ruining you and get one of the extensive repair network in Spain.

Save more than €200 because of your mobile repair tomorrow.

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Scooter, bike and ebike insurances from €20 per year

Secure them just as easily as you move and cover damage, theft, accidents and civil liability with the possibility of legal assistance and defence.

Pssst! There are municipalities in which having scooter and bicycle insurance is mandatory (find out what they are here).

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Not forgetting the importance of coverage

We work with an up-to-date selection of all insurance on the market, we offer you the most cost-effective coverage and an extensive network of repairers.

Forget about
“This thing that happened to you isn’t covered by your insurance…”

Don’t be left with doubts!

What are the main requirements to be able to take out insurance?

Being of age when hiring this type of insurance is the main requirement (although there are insurances, like family ones, that cover minors).
For now, only Spanish residents can take out the insurance (during registration, you will have to provide a Spanish DNI, NIE or NIF).

In addition, the element to be ensured must be in the right condition.

Where can I find the serial number of my bike, scooter, device?

Bicycles and scooters have a label (usually hidden) with which to identify them.

With regard to mobiles, you can also find a number that identifies it in your mobile phone or if it’s a smartphone, you can find it by typing “*#06#” and it will appear automatically.

Is there any insurance covering skateboard theft?

Sorry but no. This is a very difficult form of transportation to protect against theft and that is why companies do not cover it.

How is the evaluation of the transport device or vehicle developed?

You will have to take the pictures that are indicated from the insurance company. It will be a matter of minutes.

How long does the submitted offer last?

As indicated in the offer. If it is not indicated, it will be in force while the product is available for purchase.

Is the policy renewal automatic? Is the user notified if there are better insurances so that they can change or cancel the subscription?

Yes, the renewal is automatic and you will be notified of the renewal conditions. If we find offers with better conditions of coverage and price, we will provide them.

How is the payment made?

The payment will be made through your bank account or your card, through a secure interface directly from bnc10. In addition, for the mobile phone insurance you can pay monthly if that is what you prefer.

What happens if I sell the insured item?

You can change your policy to a new device or cancel the policy (proving the sale of the insured risk) and the proportional part of the premium not consumed will be refunded.

How do I know if my municipality forces me to insure my scooter or bike?

More and more municipalities are forcing people to have insurance. You can confirm if this is your case by clicking here.

How do I know that prices and coverage are competitive?

Our position as a financial entity supported by insurance brokers is totally neutral (we are not linked to any company). This allows us to have access to very competitive conditions with all companies working in the market.

What security guarantee do you provide?

The team of experts we work with complies with all the insurance regulations, which are a lot. It is supervised and authorized by the regulator, the Directorate-General for Insurance. It also has the support and funding of relevant actors in the insurance sector.

What is Weecover?

Weecover is an insurance brokerage firm specialised in the field of mobility, personal electronics and pets, facilitating 100% digital procurement and customer service processes. As an insurance broker, Weecover always seeks the best insurance solution among the best companies in the market. Weecover is supervised and authorised by the sector’s regulator, the General Directorate of Insurance.

Where can I find my nearest repair shop?

You will have access to a repair network of more than 600 points in Spain, being able to consult those closest in the app of the company in question, or directly with the insurance company at the time of declaring a claim.

More questions?

Solve your doubts by consulting the most frequently asked questions about smartphone and urban mobility insurances.

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