Why is bnc10 a safe option?

Your money, always safe and protected

Whatever happens, your money is protected.

To make sure you don’t have any doubts, we’ll explain it a little more in detail:

Your money is regulated by the jurisdiction of the European Union. Therefore, your money and account are separated from bnc10 funds or our suppliers.

This means that if bnc10 went bankrupt, the liquidator would not be able to use the funds of the cardholders to settle the debts of bnc10.

Therefore, bnc10 would close the funds of the cardholder in these separate accounts and return them to the cardholders.

Your money, always available

With bnc10, your money is not going anywhere without you. We do not reinvest your savings or use them to carry out transactions outside your account.

Your savings are always where you left them. We could say that it is the most similar to having your money with Gringotts.

Notifications and activity alerts

Every time there’s activity on your account, you will receive a notification on your smart phone informing you of the transaction.

Receiving immediate notifications will help you to keep better control of your expenses and, of course, protect you from possible fraudulent uses.

One-click and your card is locked

The card lock function of the application will be useful in case of theft or loss of the card. This way, if someone finds the card, they won’t be able to use it and your savings will be safe.

In case you find it, you have the option to unlock it from the same App or Web.

Secure access with fingerprint

Access at your account with your PIN or fingerprint. This system makes it more difficult for other people to access your account.

Control through the App

Through your bnc10 app, you can have your money under control. Check your balance and expenses whenever and wherever you want just by entering the App.

This total control will allow you to know at any time how much you have spent per month, week, or even day. This translates into greater autonomy and, of course, optimal management of your finances.

Ethical commitment

The new era of fintechs is beggining with commitment to greater transparency and honesty. In bnc10 we do not reinvest your money or lend it to third parties.

Your money is yours and will be there whenever you need it.