What can I do and what can’t I do with my bnc10 account and card?

What can I do?

• Control your money from just one App.

• Pay anywhere in the world.

• Withdraw cash for free at any ATM whenever and wherever you want (we will refund the commission up to 3 times a month).

Pay with your mobile phone and make online payments with your virtual card without having the physical card.

Share an account.

Freeze your card if you need it (loss, theft, etc.) in just one click.

• Make instant payments to your friends with bnc10 account and free transfers.

• Set up your payroll (Spain).

• Set up direct debits to your IBAN number (electricity, gas…).

• Set up direct debits to your card number (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime…).

What can’t I do (for now)?

• Use your card at automatic gas stations, tolls, bridges and parking fees, bets, and online games.

• State payments such as unemployment or widowhood cannot be domiciled.

Deposit cash from an ATM to your bnc10 account.

• You can never have a negative balance.

Withdraw all the money from your account in cash. As we are a prepaid card and the ATM commission is taken into account, it will not allow you to withdraw your balance in full.