Social Payments: how to request, pay and divide

What Is Social Payment?

When we talk about Social Payments we mean the functionality that allows you to request, pay, and split the money at the moment and without commissions with your bnc10 friends.

So now you can pay and request money instantly from your friends in a faster way: forget to type the 24 digits of an IBAN or wait more than 2 or 3 days as a common transfer normally takes to reach its destination.

How does it work?


You won’t have to chase your defaulter friend anymore, we are here to do it for you. On the App, click on “Request” (next to “Settings”) and you will have access to your mobile contacts.

Select who owes you money, the amount owed and we’ll send a notification (if the person is a bnc10 user) or an SMS (if is not) to pay your outstanding debt.

Once they receive the notice, they can pay with a single click from the bnc10 app.


In the event that the person is a bnc10 user, you will be able to send money instantly without an IBAN number. First, you need to select the receiver on your contact list, type the amount and the concept (optional).

If the receiver is not yet a bnc10 user you can make a regular transfer: type the IBAN number and the required fields, and the money will reach its destination.


Does it look familiar to you to go to a restaurant and be told: “you have to pay all together”? Or organize a group trip and end up paying for the whole group’s accommodation? We are here to save you!

With the “Split” functionality (on the app next to “Settings”) you can claim your part of the bill to your friends.

You just have to select the contacts with whom you want to share your payment, enter the amount and they will receive a request to pay their outstanding part.

If they are bnc10 users, they can pay you with just a click.