The best exchange

We want you to travel wherever you want without having to worry about currency exchange fees. Therefore, with bnc10 you can pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world without commissions (we refund the commission that the cashier charges you in the first 3 cash withdrawals of each month).

If you exceed the free withdrawals limit (3 per month), the cashier will charge you a currency exchange fee if you are abroad. How much is involved? We’ll tell you in detail so you won’t find any surprises:

What is currency exchange?

The currency exchange rate is the difference in money between the “local” and the “foreign” currencies. That is to say, it is an essential value to be taken into account when making the exchange of currency.

And how much is involved? It depends on the prices at which currencies are sold and bought on the market.

What kind of exchange do we offer at bnc10?

At bnc10 we offer the MASTERCARD exchange rate which is between 1.5% and 2% of the amount withdrawn or paid abroad. This type of change is updated daily on their website calculator.

For your information, this percentage is taken by Mastercard, not bnc10.

Comparative table with other financial institutions

EntityExchange rateCard fee (in other currency)Commission by withdrawal
bnc10Mastercard€0€0 (3 first withdrawals). 
When you go over the limit, the bank that owns the ATM charges you the corresponding commission.
Bank AOwn3% of the amount to be converted with a minimum of €14.5% of the total with a minimum of €3.5
Bank BOwn3% per foreign currency transaction4.5% or €3.50 for the minimum commission
Bank COwn3.95% commission for foreign currency transactions4.5% with a minimum of €4

In conclusion, by traveling with bnc10, for every €1,500 you spend, you save €90 on currency exchange commissions.

To take into account

· The fact that Mastercard offers such an exchange rate does not guarantee that all financial institutions will apply it as is.

· In the event that the cashier asks you to make the exchange rate, you must choose the “No” option so that you can benefit from the benefits of the Mastercard currency exchange that we provide from bnc10.