How does a shared account works?

Opening a shared account at bnc10 is very fast and intuitive. 

Even so, we want to make it as easy for you as possible, and so let’s go, step by step:

How to open a shared account?

You can open a shared account in 3 clicks, from your mobile app or Webapp (from your computer). You just have to:

1. Access your bnc10 personal account. 

2. At the top, click on “Personal Account”. 

3. Select the “Create Shared Account” option.

How to invite someone to share an account?

After oppening a shared account, you must now select your partner. In order to do this:

4. After reading the advantages of creating a shared account, click the “Create Shared Account” option.

5. Select or enter the name of the person you want to share it with and press “Next”.

It is important emphasize that to share an account, you cannot add a person to your existing personal account. To create a new one you must follow the steps indicated before.

How to send a reminder to the person you want to share the account with?

If you have sent a request to someone to share an account but there has been no response, remind them from the same app in just 4 steps:

1. Access your bnc10 personal account.

2. Click “Personal Account” in the top menu (how you opened the account). 

3. You will see that the status of your shared account is “Pending”. Click this option. 

4. Select “Send a reminder” and, done!

How do I know who is the owner and co-owner of the shared account?

The person who creates the shared account (that is, the one who sends the invitation to the other person) is assigned ownership, while the other person is the Co-holder.

There is no difference between a holder and co-holder. Both people in the shared account bnc10 have the same permissions, access and receive the same notifications of any movement.

Anyway, follow these next steps if you want to know who’s who:

1. Access to the shared account.

2. Select “Details”.

3. Click the “Headlines” button.

On the screen that will appear after the last step, you will see the components of the shared account and below the names, who is the account holder and co-holder.

How to access the shared account?

To access the shared account you do not have to download another App:

1. Access your personal account. 

2. At the top, click on “Personal Account”. 

3. Select the “Shared account” option.

How many free withdrawals do we have?

Each user has 3 free withdrawals in total, regardless of the account with which the withdrawal is executed.

For instance: if you make 1 cash withdrawal from your personal account and then make 2 more withdrawals with the shared account in the same month, you will have completed the 3 free withdrawals.

Therefore, if you make more than 3 cash withdrawals in a month, either from the personal account or from the shared account, the commission on the 4th one you make will not be refunded.

How can we top-up money?

When it comes to money, the shared account works just like the staff.

For this, you have several options that you can consult here.

How can we pay?

· In stores use mobile to pay (Google Pay or Apple Pay).

· In Apps and Online you can use the virtual card.

How can we close the shared account?

At the moment we do not have this option enabled, but we are working to implement it as soon as possible.

If you want to close your account, please contact our customer support team ([email protected]).