How do we earn money?

bnc10 is the banking alternative from Barcelona. And we want to help you to have more money in your account, that is why the account we offer is totally free. And this is just the beginning: we do not charge any fees for registration, maintenance, transfers, or withdrawals from the ATM (up to 3 per month).

So… how do we earn money? Every time you pay with your bnc10 card, the merchant (never you) pays a very small percentage to MasterCard and we receive a part of it.

This small amount multiplied by thousands of users, allows us to achieve economies of scale and make our business model profitable.

We are also planning to market financial products from certified collaborators in the near future. In addition to a Premium version of the bnc10 account.

This way, you will be able to enjoy the most advanced financial services without leaving the bnc10 App.