How do I deposit money into my account?

You have 2 options to deposit money into your account: by transfer (National / International) or by instant deposit from another card.

We tell you more about it:

1. Transfer

To make a deposit into your account via transfer, go to the “+” icon, click on “Top-up” and select the option “By bank transfer“. All the necessary information to make a transfer will appear there.

National transfer

To make a transfer from an account with a Spanish IBAN, you will have to make an ordinary national transfer from the original account. It can take approximately 24 hours.

International transfer

To make a transaction from an account with foreign IBAN, you must make an international transfer. This transfer will take about 3 working days.

It is important for you to know that this transfer may have a cost that will depend on the banking entity from which this transfer is made.

2. Instant deposit from another card

Now you can make instant deposits into your bnc10 account with another card of yours.

1. From the App, click on the “+” button, select the “Top-up” option and then “From your card”.

2. Write the amount you want to deposit (minimum of €20 is required and a maximum of €200 is allowed)

3. Select the option “Add card” and fill up the information that will be automatically saved so the next loads are done faster.

4. Finish the process by clicking the “Top-up” button.

Instant deposit Conditions

When you deposit money from another card, take into account the following limitations:

· You can deposit between €20 and €200.

· With a limit of 2 deposits per day.

· The monthly top-ups cannot exceed €500.

· You can only add one card and this can be changed after 30 days.