Can I share money?

You can share money in many different ways. Choose the one that suits you best at every moment!

Social Payments

Request, pay and divide money with your people through this functionality. 

You can find the “Social Payments” section by clicking on the icon between the “+” symbol and the wheel drawing (“Settings”).

From now on, you just have to decide what do you want to do. 

Share experiences with your people without caring for money!

Shared account

Open a shared account with anyone you want in 3 clicks and it’s totally free. It’s perfect for traveling, sharing day-to-day expenses and more!

Both of you receive instant notifications of each movement and, of course, you have the same access and permissions.

As for withdrawing and entering money, the shared account works just like a personal account.

To enjoy its advantages, you only have to make sure that both of you have a personal account bnc10.

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