Account limits

Fair and square. Here you have all the details of the bnc10 account that may be of interest to you:

Card Expense 💳Amount
Shipping price 4,90
Maintenance price 0,00
Spending Limits by card 💸Amount
Maximum ATM withdrawal per day  250
Maximum ATM withdrawal per month 500
Maximum daily number of free ATM withdrawals3
Maximum monthly number of free ATM withdrawals3
Maximum amount spend per day 500
Maximum amount spend per month 4,000
Maximum amount spend per year 36,000
Maximum number of transactions per day20

When withdrawing money from any ATM the entity will charge you the usual commission, but for the first 3 withdrawals of each month, we will refund the commission instantly (in some cases it may take a little longer). If you haven’t received it within 24h, contact us and we will solve it straight away. Once the number of free withdrawals available is exceeded, the commission will be charged with the amount established by the bank in which the money is being withdrawn.

Account Loading Limits 📲Amount
Minimum initial load€ 0
Maximum load limit per day 5,000
Maximum load per month 5,000
Maximum number of loads per day5
Maximum cumulative yearly load 60,000
Maximum account balance 25,000
Top-up limits by card 💳Amount
Minimum and maximum amount of daily top-ups€ 20 and € 200
Maximum amount of monthly top-ups€ 500
Maximum Number of deposit per day2

· You can’t deposit money into the bnc10 account through a cash deposit at ATMs. It must be done by bank transfer from another account, by instant card load from another card, or by getting your salary paid to your bnc10 account.

· If the maximum income limit is exceeded, the full payment will be refunded to the original source. This process will take about 3 working days.

· You can only add one card and this can be changed after 30 days.

· The added card must be European (within the SEPA zone).

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