What are the advantatges of bnc10?

Control your money with just one app

In just 5 minutes you can open a bnc10 account and control your money through the app.

Apart from easy, your account is 100% free, without commissions or small print. In addition, you can make transfers to any entity for free.

That’s not all, you will receive instant notifications of each movement, you can share payments between friends and block the card in the blink of an eye.

Prepaid Mastercard Card

You can ask for your prepaid Mastercard® card for €4,90 of shipping costs, without maintenance costs, directly from the app.

Just go to the section with the card drawing and select the “Request Card” option. Once you ask for the card, it will be sent to you within 15-20 working days to the address you provide.

With your card you will have:

• 0 commissions for account maintenance.

• Withdraw cash at any ATM in the world for free (up to 3 times a month).

• Freeze your card if you need it (loss, theft, etc.)

• Enjoy the best currency exchange (Mastercard currency exchange).

Instant payments and free transfers

Make instant payments with no minimum amounts, without commissions between all those friends and contacts who also use bnc10. You can request, pay and divide accounts very easily.

In case of transferring money to a person who is not on bnc10, you can make a transfer with the IBAN number without costs to any National and European banking entity.

Best exchange rate

Traditional banking entities usually charge around 4% or 5% commission for the exchange rate. Again, bnc10 does not apply commissions on this either.

With the bnc10 card, you can benefit from the best possible exchange rate, the Mastercard exchange rate.

Personalized attention when you need it

Do you have any doubts? If you have questions or want to talk to us, you can write us an email at [email protected].

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.