Can I direct payment of my bills?

You can direct debit your usual bills or subscriptions, such as electricity, natural gas, phone and internet connection or water supply, to your bnc10.

How can I authorize my payments automatically and quickly?

1. Access your bnc10 app to copy the IBAN from your account in one click.

a. In the personal account you will find it in the top left menu
b. In the shared account you will find it in “Details”

2. Authorise, either digitally or physically, the service provider by giving your IBAN and bnc10 SWIFT/BIC code: PFSSESM1 (if required). 

Advantages of direct debiting a bill with bnc10:

1. Comfort: Save yourself time and worry. Authorize a single payment of the various payments that enter your current account and you will not have to remember to do so each month and/or authorize it personally.

2. Reduced risk of penalties for delay: Reduces the risk of forgetting about the settlement of a payment or the due date of the payment, thus avoiding penalties for delay.

3. Control: Receive a notification at the time the payment is made to gain more control over your finances.

4. Shared expenses: Direct debit your common expenses with someone else into your bnc10 shared account (if you don’t already have it, open your shared account without fees or minimum permanence here).