Smartphone Insurances

Can I insure a device received as a gift from another person?

Yes! When taking out the insurance, you will have to attach the ticket of the purchase and, only if it is requested by the insurance provider, a copy of the ID card of the person who has gifted the device.

What does my insurance cover and how does it work?

  • Basic model: covers the breakage of the screen of the insured device.
  • Superior model: covers the breakage of the screen of the insured device or the theft by force of the insured device.
  • Top Model: covers any accidental damage suffered by the insured device, damage caused by any liquid to the device, as well as robbery and theft of the device.

In the event of accidental damage, the company hired will repair it. In the case of theft or robbery, you will be given a device that is the same or similar to the one you had.

What does mobile phone insurance NOT cover?

  • · The accessories of the device.
  • · The scratches and the usual deterioration of the device.
  • · Electrical or mechanical damage.
  • · The costs that may arise from the loss of data or files from the device.
  • · Damages, defects and imperfections already existing when the insurance was taken out.
  • · Any loss due to war, terrorism, participation in armed conflicts or nuclear risks.
  • · Damage caused intentionally or by negligent conduct.
  • · If you consciously take risks with your device, the company may reject your claim. Below are some examples of cases where you are deemed to have taken risks with your device:
  • > In a gym, if you leave your device on a bench in the locker room, instead of leaving it in your locker or taking the device with you.
  • > In a cafe, bar or pub, if you leave your device on the table when you go to the toilet or the bar, instead of taking it with you.

What devices can I insure?

You can insure any phone, with no limit on age or purchase price, as long as you have a purchase invoice in your name, a sales contract or any document that proves when you bought the phone, how much it cost and that the phone is yours.

Can I insure a phone that I have gotten with a point-based program? And a phone I got for free?

Yes, you can insure the device in both cases. In case of the telephone obtained with a points programme, you must additionally have the delivery note given to you by your telephone company.

Must the bill recipient and the policyholder be the same person?

Yes, the invoice or document that proves the owner of the insurance must be in the name of the same person who takes out the insurance. If you do not have an invoice, you can show the delivery note, a sales contract or in general any document that proves that you are the owner of the telephone and the date on which you acquired the terminal, identifying in this document the brand, model and IMEI of the terminal.

What is the IMEI number and where can I find it?

The IMEI number is a unique identifier for your phone. You can find it on your mobile or smartphone by typing “*#06#” and it will appear automatically. If your device is in aeroplane mode, be sure to disable it so that it displays the IMEI number.

Is there a limit to the number of damage claims per year?

Yes, you can declare up to 2 claims: one for damage and one for theft and robbery.