Solidarity action with A+Familias

Action completed – 2021/02/19


At bnc10 we have activated a new campaign to collaborate with the NGO A+familias and work together to help economically the most vulnerable families through donations starting at € 3 through Social Payments.

All donations will be received by Javier, president of the NGO and will be exchanged for supermarket cards with which the basic food needs of families in emergency situations will be covered.

Participate with a contribution of € 3 and you will help people who with the COVID-19 crisis cannot meet their most basic needs.

Wondering how to help?

  1. Add the phone number +34 685 083 284 to your contacts with the name “A + familias”.
  2. Access your account from the mobile app or from your computer and tap on “Transfers”.
  3. Tap “Send” and select “A + familias” from your contacts.
  4. Tap the amount of your contribution.
  5. So that we can quantify donations, write the reason “Con las familias” in the “Note” box.

If you haven’t join bnc10 yet, click here to register (you won’t need more than 5 minutes, word!). Once you have it, make an instant diposit, without commissions, and from your other card to be able to make the donation.

Remember that A+Familias will not be able to issue tax deduction certificates for this donation.

Who are the donations for?

Javier Dias, president of A+Familias and holder of the bnc10 account associated with the phone, will be the beneficiary of the promotion.

Through the number 685 083 284 Javier will receive, during the 3 days of the campaign, the donations that bnc10 users send through Social Payments and at the end of the campaign, Javier will transfer the final amount to their A+Familias account.

Donation validity

Donations to A + families will be available on February 17, 18 and 19, 2021. If you want more information, you can write to us at