About us

If you are here, it’s because you want to know how bnc10 started or maybe just to get an idea of who is behind this project. We are happy to explain it to you, of course!

Why was bnc10 born?

bnc10 is the banking alternative from Barcelona that exists to bend finance rules, far from traditional banks.

We talk to those who don’t want their day to turn sour because of extra commission or pointless paperwork.

bnc10 values

1. Transparency and honesty

One of the reasons why bnc10 was created, is to end with the lack of transparency of traditional banks. We promise not to withhold information from you and not to play with fine print.

2. Ethic responsibility

Your money is yours, and only yours. In contrast with other financial institutions, we don’t get profit from it. Your savings are safe at bnc10, and we do unto your money as we would have done unto ours.

3. Quality

bnc10 functionalities are designed from and for current people. That’s why we make sure that all of our services are of the best quality possible.

4. Quickness

In our experiences, operations in traditional banks were getting longer than the Titanic going down in slow motion. One of our daily challenges is to ensure that transactions are swift and effective.

5. Practicality

We are not just concerned with being quick, we want you to manage your money with total comfort: open an account from the sofa, split social payments on the spot so that your cheapest friend doesn’t lose his cool and the one who always skips out has no excuse.

In other words, avoid customer service phone calls, queues and headaches that traditional banks usually give.

6. Education

While other financial institutions persuade their users to waste money, we want our users to save. How? There are many ways and, while it’s obvious that it’s a very subjective issue, we try to do our bit, in the ongoing battle which is to save and learn how to manage money.

We are what we do.

What we do is for you.