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Here are some reasons why you’ll be a bnc10 fan:
  • No need for a payroll. Anyone is welcome here.

  • Our accounts will always be free. No sign up, maintenance or cancellation fees.

  • We would love you to stay, but will always give you the freedom to leave whenever you wish.

From Barcelona to the World

Wherever you go, our terms don’t change
  • Withdraw cash anywhere in the world…
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  • Enjoy the best currency exchange rate in the market

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Find out how much you’ve paid in bank commissions. Study carried out by adicae.

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Imagine what you could do with all that money saved up.
A concert? A festival? A new phone? A fancy dinner? A trip?

You decide, it’s your money.

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Is my money safe? Who’s behind this project? Where will you put my cash?

Whatever you’re asking. We’re here :)

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