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Worry-free travel

  • Pay abroad without commissions for currency exchange. Withdraw cash at any ATM in the world and pay abroad without currency exchange fees. Learn More
  • Share an account with your travel mate so you can create a common reserve and have all transactions controlled.
Wherever you go, just worry about enjoying and don’t overpay.

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Your money totally safe

  • We don’t lend or reinvest.
  • Whatever happens, it is protected by European jurisdiction.
Instant notifications and alerts
It will help you to keep a better monitoring of income, expenses and protect you from possible fraudulent movements.
Freeze and unfreeze your card
If your card is lost or stolen you can block in a blink of an eye.
Fingerprint access
You can easily access your account using your fingerprint, as unique as you.

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When you need it you can open a WhatsApp chat from the app or write to us on Telegram and we will help you solve any questions or problems you may have.

Your money, you decide

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